We are always looking for volunteers to help us grow and reach out to more families and peers. Many people still don't know how to get support and may never have heard of NAMI. Here are some volunteer positions to make a real impact in people's lives. (Some of these will require training, which we will provide for free):

Signature Program Teachers:

  • Teach peers or families in NAMI's signature programs such as NAMI Family-to-Family, NAMI Peer-to-Peer, or NAMI Basics.
  • Requires training (usually over a weekend) and a commitment to teach two classes within two years and NAMI membership.


  • Facilitate peer or family support group meetings.
  • Requires training and association with the group (peer or loved one with a lived experience) and NAMI Membership.
  • Long-term commitment with monthly meetings.

Grant Writers:

  • We offer all services for free, so proper funding is very important. We need help with identifying and responding to grant opportunities.

Event Staffing:

  • Help to make people aware of NAMI and our services. Staff a booth during events at universities, hospitals, or local community gatherings.
  • We will team you up with experienced NAMI volunteers.
  • You will contribute to outreach and advocacy.

Community Outreach:

  • Many visitors and patients at hospitals and mental health professionals' offices don't know where to get help and information. You can provide brochures and other material to these offices and keep them stocked.

Many more:

  • There are many more ways to help the community. If you don't see anything above that seems to fit you, contact us and let's discuss!

Ready to make a difference?

Email us: staffing@namisb.org